Whitsunday Way

The "Whitsunday Way" vision was an initiative of the Whitsunday Chamber of Commerce. It encompasses whole of the official main road called the Proserpine-Shute Harbour Road. The name Whitsunday Way is now accepted by both the Department of Main Roads and Whitsunday Shire Council as an alternative name for this road.

In July 2001, in response to community acceptance of the Whitsunday Way vision, the Whitsunday Shire Council adopted a "No Traffic Lights" in the Whitsunday Shire.

The fight to save Shute Harbour Road from traffic lights

Unfortunately since that time, and in spite of this policy, traffic lights have been installed at both the Paluma Rd and Island Drive intersections with the Whitsunday Way.

To date one roundabout has been constructed by the Department of Main Roads at the Waterson Road intersection and another is planned at the Beach Road intersection. Two more roundabouts are planned at Hermitage Drive and the Coconut Grove intersections as part of the Port of Airlie development. Council Main Street Airlie plans include a roundabout at Harper Street.

After intense community agitation in August 2007 the Department of Main Roads commenced a comprehensive public consultation project to achieve this vision. An agreed vision for the road must meet the current and future transport functions of the road, including all aspects of traffic management, pedestrian and vehicle use and safety. At the same time the agreed vision must address the visual appearance of the road, its aesthetic and design characteristics and its unique potential to reflect the ambience and amenity of the Whitsundays to road users, visitors and the community,

For more information on this project : http://www.ebc.net.au/shute/